Falling(Flat) For Christmas

By Julia Laszakovits

Since Netflix’s announcement that Lindsay Lohan would make her comeback in the Christmas film Falling for Christmas, fans have been excited. Prior to this, she hadn’t been in a major film in over a decade. Lohan stars as Sierra, a hotel heiress who suffers memory loss after a ski accident. She is discovered by Jake (Chord Overstreet), the kind and down-to-earth owner of the local inn, Northstar Lodge. She isn’t able to remember anything about her life, including the fact that she is engaged to Instagram influencer Tad (George Young). Throughout her time at Northstar, she begins to develop a relationship with Jake and his daughter Avy (Olivia Perez), which proves to conflict with her previous lifestyle. Falling for Christmas covers all of its bases in terms of holiday romance movie tropes, making it almost indistinguishable from a Hallmark movie. It features a small town, a small business owner love interest that the community loves, a child that is a little too interested in her father’s love life, dead spouses, questionable medical conditions to further the plot, and magic Santa. The plot is predictable. It works for people looking for a fun holiday watch, but doesn’t give the audience much past that. However, the worst part of this “rom-com” is the fact that is seriously lacks the comedy. Many attempts for a laugh were made, but most of them fell flat. Much of the movie falls victim to surface-level comedy, nothing clever or deeper than a slight chuckle. Tad, Sierra’s initial love interest, is there primarily for comic relief. His personality and plotline are attempts to make a caricature out of a social media-obsessed influencer who can’t survive in the real world. The portrayal is over the top and dramatic but just not that funny. The rest of the characters mainly utilize holiday puns and physical comedy. Lohan gives a fine performance as Sierra. It definitely does not stand out among her many past roles, but she serves this movie in the way she needed to. Overstreet also delivers a suitable performance as the main love interest and loving father. However, the chemistry between the two leads was negligible. This rom-com fails to deliver on the rom as well as the com. The music in Falling for Christmas is comprised of familiar Christmas tunes in conjunction with a couple of original songs sung by the stars of the film. They were cute but forgettable, and easy to miss for the average audience member. There is a reference to one of Lohan’s previous films, Mean Girls, in the soundtrack, a fun Easter egg for fans of Lohan. Overall, it is not necessarily a bad film. It has plenty of holiday charm and seasonal cheer. However, if viewers were expecting more from Netflix than a simple Christmas romance indistinguishable from Hallmark’s lineup, they will be disappointed. If a comfort film is what you’re looking for, look no further. If you were hoping for something more on-par with Lohan’s previous work, be ready for a letdown.

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