FC1 Wilkinson

By Grace Wolfe

FC1 Wilkinson is Elizabethtown Area School District’s new Naval Science teacher. Choosing to teach at Elizabethtown, because of the “small-town experience and community,” Wilkinson initially became immersed in Naval Science during his service in the U.S. Armed Forces. Wilkinson spent “20 years in the military—four years in the Air Force and 16 years in the Navy—'' all of which granted experiences with leadership and adversity. He received a two-year degree from Hillsburgh Community College, a campus in Tampa, Florida. Additionally, Wilkinson recieved a master’s degree as a training specialist from the US Navy. Currently, Wilkinson is bingeing Cobra Kai, a spinoff of the popular franchise The Karate Kid. He is inspired every day by his family, daughters, and wife to teach and live his life. His favorite animal is the tiger, an animal that symbolizes vigor and courage. Thank you for joining the E-town team, FC1 Wilkinson. We are glad to have you!

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