Ms. Keener Interview

By Allie Norman

Ms. Keener is excited to be a new art teacher here at E-town. Keener was first drawn to art by her elementary school art teacher and her family’s love for art. Keener’s favorite subject in school was always art, and, as a kid, she says she frequently visited museums with her family; art was always a part of her life. To pursue art, Keener went to the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore to get her bachelor’s degree and continued her studies at Millersville to receive a teaching certificate and a master’s degree. Previously, Keener had worked with E-town staff members Mr. Beiler and Mr. Farmer at Palmyra, and she says that they loved it here and encouraged her to come, as well. Keener also grew up around Elizabethtown, as she graduated from Hempfield, and she always loved E-town’s community. When asked what inspires her, she talked about other people’s stories and her own personal experiences. Keener has many hidden talents including baking, building, and gardening. Keener’s binge-watching go-to is always the Great British Baking Show, which could be where her baking skills come from. Along with her go-to TV show, her comfort movies include Grease and O Brother Where Art Thou?. When asked what her favorite animal was, she said, “Turtle” with no hesitation. Keener is another kind and welcoming teacher here at E-town, and her closing words were, “Take art!”

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