Ms. Hoffman Interview

By Selina Tang

Ms. Hoffman joined Elizabethtown Area High School for the 2022-2023 school year as an art teacher in our Art Department. Hoffman’s interest in art started in 5th grade and naturally led her to this career. Pre-college, Hoffman attended 12 years of private school and one year of public school in Maryland before attending and eventually earning an undergraduate degree from Elizabethtown College. Hoffman attended Elizabethtown College after high school because of the beautiful campus, friendly professors, and small student-to-staff ratio. During college, she participated in an internship in our middle school art department, finding it enjoyable and leading her to apply for a permanent position here. Hoffman loves nature, and found the nature around Elizabethtown inspirational and the people and students very welcoming. Outside of school, Hoffman binges Attack on Titan, which is coming to an end. Her favorite subject is science; however, if she were not an art teacher, she would want to go into the carpentry trade. Hoffman’s favorite animals are otters and dinosaurs. We wish the best for Ms. Hoffman in this upcoming year, and we are grateful for her teaching at Elizabethtown Area High School.

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